Friday, 1 November 2013

Fructose - The Best Bit

Fructose just has to be the best bit, it is what everyone (except me) is after, and it is the taste they chase. Common sugar sucrose is one molecule of fructose bound to another molecule of glucose, whilst the body is fuelled by glucose, it is boring stuff and doesn’t taste sweet all!

Our primal hunter gatherer ancestors evolved to make the best use of fructose, it is thought their diet was mainly animal fat and protein and plant material, recent examination of fossil teeth residues implies that the plant materials were actually partially digested prey animal stomach contents. Inevitably, their diet, being low in carbohydrate, would have been ketogenic, they would have gained energy from endogenous (liver produced) glucose from gluconeogenesis of animal fat and protein. The problem here is, it is very difficult to lay down fat on such a diet.

Fructose on the other hand cannot directly be processed into energy in the human body; the liver has to convert fructose into fat! Ideal for our primal ancestors, during summer and autumn, berries and wild fruits would have abounded. Enticed by the, relative, sweetness our ancestors would have had a field day scoffing this bounty, nicely fattening themselves up in preparation for a long and meagre winter.

Our inability to convert fructose directly into energy conferred an evolutionary survival advantage.

Having survived this far, and having modern advantages for survival, such as central heating and an inexhaustible food supply, we should leave the sweet stuff alone. The survival advantage has turned into a threat to our survival.

Refined sugar is completely unnatural and in our modern world should be completely avoided at all costs. Imagine how much yardage of sugar cane you would have to chew, to get the equivalent of a Mars bar!

If it tastes sweet, its purpose is to fatten you up, that of course includes fruit. The problems with endogenous fat are; 1, it makes your liver fatty.  2, it makes you fatty, 3, The Very Low Density Lipid particles that the liver produces from fructose raise triglycerides and risk of Coronary Heart Disease, and finally end up as LDL cholesterol.

Fattening up for winter is good (if you are a caveman)  - Fattening up for a lifetime is bad, very bad!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Homeostasis - The Key to Wellbeing

Homeostasis is the key to wellbeing, but what is it? Find out here

All organisms have homeostasis balance and this is readily achieved in their natural environment eating their natural diet, disease rarely occurs in nature, the main insults are usually parasitic or environmental.

Humans on the other hand, mainly eat a very unnatural diet and live and work in unnatural environments and suffer homeostasis imbalance, immediately presented by obesity and or many illnesses, all of which are due to the unnatural environment and/or diet. The foremost reason for imbalance is diet and the factor over which we can have the most control.

If diet can reset one’s homeostasis many problems can be resolved almost immediately. The best diet to reset homeostasis is a ketogenic diet, this is approximately by calories; 75% Fat, 20% Protein and 5% Carbohydrate. Carbohydrate consumption should be no more than 50grams net per day. All  from real foods and fats i.e.; meat and offal, fish and seafood, eggs, cheese, cream, olive oil, coconut oil, butter, nuts, berries and above ground vegetables. All this real food can be eaten to satiety, as much as you like, homeostasis will quickly regulate your appetite and prevent hunger.

This not specifically a weight loss diet! It is a diet to promote wellbeing and prevent chronic illnesses. By happenchance, should you be carrying extra weight as most people are, your weight by virtue of homeostasis, will naturally reduce to your natural weight, whatever that might be.

Nobody can live for ever, but we have the right to a long and healthy life and the right to keep our marbles to the very end, dementia is a metabolic disease too.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Out with the New - In with the Old

Out with the New – In with the Old

Many people in the food growing and processing industry, pharmaceutical companies and the medics and all the people including politicians, all people who profit from people eating sugar and carbs and getting ill, all of them must have heaved a sigh of relief when Dr Atkins died and subsequently had his reputation destroyed.

His message actually wasn’t new or revolutionary, it was old, very old, in fact it was pre-agricultural, and it was written up well before he wrote his book. Check out “Eat Fat – Grow Slim” 1953.

Now called; Low Carb High Fat (LCHF), Paleo, Primal or Warrior, the message is still alive and is growing, only this time there isn’t just one man to discredit, we are an Army and we are legion.

There are Generals, professors and practising doctors in many fields i.e. Cardiology, Neurology, Endocrinology and Oncology to name a few and many GP’s

There are serving Officers including; professors in the fields of biochemistry, research biochemists, nutritional scientists, nutritionists, physical trainers in various sports, to name a few.

The foot soldiers, all ardent believers, as are the above, because we live the lifestyle and we know it works. We number millions, 25% of Sweden is LCHF and many Nordic countries are catching on, Paleo has a large following in the US, in Australia and NZ LCHF and Paleo is rising in popularity.

We aren’t going away, this is not a fad, this is a lifetime, lifestyle choice.

The medics and health police, who have opinions that are tits up, are the new kids on the block. Their fat phobic, must eat carbs, approach is dying on its feet, or at least the people who follow it are! We have science on our side, they have bad science, lame notions and rhetoric and no solid arguments, but they hold sway and they do have inertia. It is well known that in the medical profession there is always resistance to change and this inertia is said to be 20 years, this is how long it takes for opposition to die out. Old dogs won’t learn new tricks.

Change will come as more professors teach the right stuff, and more doctors qualify who know the right stuff, and prove to the old duffers that this common sense, soundly backed by science, simple holistic approach actually works. When more people actually try this lifestyle for themselves and find it works, the message will get out.

Food growers will adapt, food processors will hopeful go bust, as they deserve to for peddling rubbish. However, we aren’t going anywhere; we will only eat real human food, low in carbs and high in fat, preferably animal fats


Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Smokin' Gun

The smoking gun of evidence proving  beyond doubt that ALL British health authorities from the Gov’t down our prescribing GP’s are either completely ignorant of the damage they are prepared to carry out on patients, or they are doing it regardless, which is worse?

The smoking gun is CoQ10, this is a co-enzyme vital to the metabolism of blood glucose into ATP which commonly known as the cellular energy currency. Mitochondria within cells admit glucose bound with insulin into the cell and biochemically convert the glucose into heat energy or cellular food, the enzymes that do this require CoQ10 as a trigger. CoQ10 is to the cellular engine as the spark plug is to the internal combustion engine.

CoQ10 is generated in the liver, and is delivered into cells in combination with LDL Cholesterol, in the bloodstream CoQ10 acts as an antioxidant protecting the LDL-C. The LDL-C is also carrying lipids (fats) that carry all the fat soluble vitamins, vital for cellular life.

The biochemical process by which LDL-C and CoQ10 are made begins with a substance called movilane. Statin drugs inhibit the production of movilane by up to 40%

The problems with muscles that many many people experience on statins, are myalgia (pain) weakness (can’t even walk proper) and some experience myopathy (muscle death) and proper death! This is attributed to a deficiency of CoQ10; the heart has the greatest requirement for CoQ10.

Anyone foolish enough to take statins should be prescribed a CoQ10 supplement, but they aren’t. However this known science, so why isn’t CoQ10 prescribed?

The problem with muscle is it doesn’t regenerate; muscle damage will persist even if statins are stopped, and people’s lives are ruined!

CoQ10 production diminishes with age; most people on statins are getting on a bit and are already compromised for CoQ10 levels. We can utilise dietary CoQ10, but there isn’t much around, there are small amounts in meat, the highest amounts are found in beef hearts, however to get your daily dose would require the consumption of 3kg of beef heart, good luck with that.

My wife and I, are both ex statins users, neither of us have much pedal power? We take 200mg daily, it doesn’t noticeably do any good, but armed with knowledge we feel it is better to be safe than sorry.

So, what sort of game are these total knobheads playing, LDL-C and the things it delivers are vital to life, yet the lower it is the happier they are. They must be aware of the vital importance of CoQ10 and yet they do nothing to prevent a deficiency whilst prescribing statins. People who complain to their GPs when on statins are told it has nothing to do with their medication! I can no longer trust these dickheads even with a wart, all trust has been lost.

The desire to reduce LDL-C to prevent heart disease is not backed by evidence, Coronary Heart Disease is not caused by LDL-C, but maybe that is a subject for another blog post.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Shot by a jealous husband

The fact that my GERD(Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease) is cured by eating a Ketogenic Diet is no small potatoes, GERD is painful, but over time it causes Barrett's Esophagus, a condition that is a precursor to esophageal cancer. I was treated for 2years with Omeprazole, a proton pump inhibitor; it stops the production of stomach acid. I still had reflux, but it didn't hurt, I've woken up choking on my own vomit, wouldn't mind so much if I'd been boozing, but that was sober!!

After 2 years on Omeprazole I started getting dizzy spells which got really bad, I was losing control of my limbs and couldn't speak, I thought I was having strokes, like a typical man, I tried to ignore it LOL Then I read an article that explained that without stomach acid, magnesium can't be absorbed, magnesium is a vital electrolyte and a deficiency affects the nervous system as above. Doctors should be aware of that!!

I chucked them in the bin and ordered some magnesium and went back to Gaviscon. It took nearly a year to begin to feel a bit better, I still get dizzy spells. Also Gaviscon ain't cheap and I was consuming a big bottle every week. Going ketogenic was amazing, no acid reflux, yet the quacks tell you avoid fatty foods?? I've also found out that this is common in the on-line ketogenic community, most drugs for most things get chucked in the bin LOL I've chucked my BP Meds too, my BP is in normal range now.

Food producers and food manglers, Big Pharma and Big Medico don't want this to happen, they need people to eat shit and get sick to make a profit!! Governments want people to get sick and die to save on age related costs. Bollocks to that, I'm going to live to be 125yrs and get shot by a jealous husband LOL

Monday, 2 September 2013

So...What's wrong with Fructose it's 'Elfy innit?

Firstly common table sugar is a compound of fructose and glucose, we need to eat neither, our liver can manufacture glucose by glucogenisis from fat or protein, discovered by Louis Pasteur, and ignored by almost everyone today.

Secondly we require fructose for absolutely nothing at all! If we eat sucrose the compound is 1 molecule of glucose bonded to 1 molecule of fructose, digestion in the small intestine separates the molecules, glucose is absorbed into the bloodstream along with fructose. Fructose can only be dealt with by the liver, which can convert it to glycogen, which is a compact form of glucose, but only if there is room in the glycogen storage, most people on a modern diet are sugared up to the hilt. So the liver will normally turn the fructose into fats, triglycerides ie., oleic(saturated and monounsaturated) and the polyunsaturates, linoleic(omega 6) and linolenic(omega 3) and cholesterol. It parcels these up into VLDL(very low density lipids) which are tiny particles to encapsulate the oils so they can swim in the water based bloodstream.

This is the mechanism of transport for endogenous(liver produced) fats in the body. Exonogous(dietary) fats are transported in tiny packages called chylomicrons.

VLDL particles travel the bloodstream and encounter fat cells where they give up their triglycerides, further changes occur to the particles in the bloodstream until the VLDL changes into LDL cholesterol.

NO ADDED SUGAR - should be the mantra for human beings, but this is now appearing on certain packaging, in reality sugar is being replaced with dried fruit or concentrated fruit juice, this is worse than merely sugar.

No added High Fructose Corn Syrup, sugars, fruit juice or honey, please, not in my diet.

Fruit I will eat, but only a handful, 50grams of berries.

The bottom line is fructose Will add Fat to your waist, Fructose will increase LDL Cholesterol.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Before Le Big Mac

Before Le Big Mac, the French have always known how to eat well, and most of it is Low Carb High Fat, very rich food, nevertheless the slim, chic, French ladies have been the envy of many ladies of other descent, struggling with their weight!

For a sensible, healthy eating plan, one could do a lot worse than google "The Gascon Paradox"

Gratin Dauphinois, this dish is a favourite amongst slim elegant French ladies, and it is definitely a dish that anyone who is on a Low Carb High Fat diet and is looking to maintain their weight with a few carbs can have. Anyone who is still looking to lose weight can have this dish, dependant upon what else they may be eating that day.

                              Only 25g total carbohydrate, that's not going to break the bank!

Gratin Dauphinois
There are some fiddly recipes for this dish, this is my adapted recipe which is very nice and quick and easy to make, total recipe for 2 servings;

Skin 4-6 garlic cloves, and finely slice,

Peel 220g of potato and finely slice,

Warm 250ml of Crème Fraiche so it will pour,

In a small gratin, dish layer the garlic and potato with a hint of seasoning in each layer, and cover each layer with cream, until the final layer of potato which is brushed with melted butter. Cook in a hot oven for an hour or so, until the potato is soft when pricked with a skewer. Serve with pan fried meat and green veg or just whatever you fancy.

Who said "No Potatoes" Not me.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Real Men Will Do Real Quiche

                          Real Men cook Quiche too - Quiche Lorraine courtesy of Julia Child

                                        Just out of the oven, will it come out of the dish OK
                                                             Yes, it didn't break up.
                                                    Served with a mixed leaf tossed salad

                                   This is half the flan, an enormous portion, well I am 6' 2"
                        See only 62g of Carb and 178g of Fat most definitely Low Carb High Fat

Low Carb High Fat Diet, having returned to this with enthusiasm I had to look at some dishes I used to make when my diet was a little easier going. Quiche is a wonderful dish hot or cold with salad on a hot summer’s day. The only carbs here is the flour, a whole quiche will use 5oz and will serve 4, I can eat half a quiche 2.5oz of flour or 54.1g, Low Fat/Ketogenic balance allows me to have 50g/day. LCHF balance allows me to have 100g/day. This is do-able, especially when combined with nearly its own weight of butter, which lowers the glycaemic index.

When people say real men don’t do quiche, I cringe because obviously being a real man I didn’t do quiche, but since being influenced by Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” I did cook quiche and discovered real quiche, trust me, real men WILL do real quiche.

Pâte Brisée is the beginning of the secret of real quiche. Pâte Brisée is French short crust pastry, it is 5 parts flour to 4 parts butter, that amazing amount of butter results in a thin, tender, crunchy and buttery crust, wonderful. I’m not going into how it’s made, you can Google that, but it’s not easy to handle, you have to learn “Il faut mettre la main á la pate” the feel of the dough in your fingers, typical of the French, if you don't know the feel, how will you know when it's right?

The Pâte Brisée is moulded into an 8” to 9” quiche tin and blind baked. A basic filling for A Quiche Lorraine is 4oz of chopped, blanched bacon, 3 eggs, and 15 fl.oz of full fat crème fraîche and 1oz of butter to put in little dabs over the top of the filling and bake.

From there on, you are only limited by your imagination to what items you add to the egg and cream filling, to make your quiche. I’ve used tuna, crab and prawn, lobster and prawn, salmon and broccoli, ham and cheese. The addition of cheese is always an option to the basic filling, the French use gruyere. Strange thing, the French probably have more cheeses than any other country, yet only ever traditionally cook with three, gruyere, emmental and parmesan, all foreign!! to the French.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Don't Be Used as a Mug

Firstly, there is no correlation between cholesterol and heart disease, except a higher incidence of deaths among people with very low cholesterol. So why would anyone want you to take statins, purely to make money, that's all.

Through a complicated biochemical process, the liver produces cholesterol, but statins impede that process reducing total cholesterol, but many other compounds are also reduced, the most important being CoQ10. This a vitamin like substance that is present in the mitochondria in cells and directly affects the mitochondria's ability to metabolise glucose into fuel for the cell.

It gets worse because cholesterol is the transport system for all fat soluble vitamins and CoQ10. Not surprising that people on statins experience muscle aches and weakness, the heart is muscle and has a large demand for CoQ10.

Cholesterol isn't the bad guy, Drugs Companies and the corrupt scientists in their employ and doctors who prescribe statins, these are the bad guys. If I can find this out about CoQ10 by googling, doctors must know this all along!

Your cholesterol level is what the liver needs it to be at that time, your liver knows best, don't meddle with your cholesterol, it's what you are made of!

Best advice is refuse cholesterol testing, refuse statins, I do.

Friday, 19 April 2013

The Great Brain Robbery

Brain robbery and so much more, this has to be the biggest fraudulent scam of all time perpetrated world-wide. Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Gov't and Big Medics have a lot to answer for, messing up peoples lives for profit.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Going for the Burn

Going to the gym for fat burning, not been said by me in a long time LOL It's a nonsense, it just burns calories and encourages appetite to put 'em all back.

Having recently picked up on what the rest of the world is up to regarding strategic nutrition to avoid the obesity pandemic, I see pretty much the same thing going on, Atkins type eating atypical. Nobody these days seems to call it Atkins, it's now Low Carb High Fat, Low Carb Ketogenic, Paleo encountered so far. All share the same philosophy, in that low amounts of carb will result in weight loss, since fat will be metabolised to provide energy.

I'm only writing this post since I've not yet heard anyone mention Ketostix, have they been forgotten? If you cut out carbs, as the liver metabolises fat it produces ketones, these appear after the two to three weeks it takes to burn all the stored glycogen. If you pee on a Ketostix it changes colour to indicate ketones. These are for diabetics since for them, this is a sign of ketoacidosis, a fatal condition. However, for people who wish to lose weight on a low carb diet this means, YEAH, I'm doing a fat burn, maybe even while sat on the sofa watching TV. LOL
No other diet can give someone such positive feedback, the scales show the work in progress during any weight loss, but cheating is easy and human, but if you use ketostix and cheat, you will know immediately, also you know you won't lose anymore weight until you get the brown colour back on that stick.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

BAT to the Future

Brown Adipose Tissue or brown fat, I saw a science documentary about this in the early 70's maybe, and it was about the hypothesis that brown fat "burns" glucose to provide body heat in warm blooded animals. It seemed reasonable to me since the brown fat is attached to all the internal organs which are well supplied with blood, heating the blood like a central heating boiler, the blood then circulating around the body like a heating system. The hypothesis was scorned at the time, now it seems to be accepted science. From Wikipedia:

The mitochondria in a eukaryotic cell utilize fuels to produce energy (in the form of ATP). This process involves storing energy as a proton gradient, also known as the proton motive force (PMF), across the mitochondrial inner membrane. This energy is used to synthesize ATP when the protons flow across the membrane (down their concentration gradient) through the ATP synthase enzyme; this is known as chemiosmosis.
In warm-blooded animals, body heat is maintained by signaling the mitochondria to allow protons to run back along the gradient without producing ATP.[citation needed] This can occur since an alternative return route for the protons exists through an uncoupling protein in the inner membrane. This protein, known as uncoupling protein 1 (thermogenin), facilitates the return of the protons after they have been actively pumped out of the mitochondria by the electron transport chain. This alternative route for protons uncouples oxidative phosphorylation and the energy in the PMF is instead released as heat.
To some degree, all cells of endotherms give off heat, especially when body temperature is below a regulatory threshold. However, brown adipose tissue is highly specialized for this non-shivering thermogenesis. First, each cell has a higher number of mitochondria compared to more typical cells. Second, these mitochondria have a higher-than-normal concentration of thermogenin in the inner membrane.

Phew I didn't get much of that, but it seem all are cells are capable of generating heat from glucose by the action of the mitochondria within the cell, however brown fat is particularly well adapted for this and appears to have no other function. We warm blooded creatures, burn a large portion of our daily intake just to keep warm. I believe the efficiency of brown fat varies in people, I've known guys who can eat what they like and their weight remains absolutely constant, but even while they are eating they break sweat, as if the boiler turned up the heat and they sweat it off. Some people at the other end of the spectrum are conservative with energy and store energy rather than waste it as heat.

Will it ever be possible to control the rate of burn in brown fat, obesity, just take a pill, sweat it off, eat what you like. Before that will quacks get on the bandwagon trying sell ways of turning on brown fat.
We'll see!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Beurre Brun?

Of course there are various hot butter sauces in French Cuisine, Beurre Blanc, Beurre Noir etc, but Beurre Brun! Non.
I've already expounded on Beurre Blanc which was designed for fish, but my wife's not keen on fish, fish fingers yes. So I thought I'd give it a go with meat, veal would have been ideal, but where's the veal in this mealy mouthed country, so I opted for pork. This is a trimmed loin steak, beaten out a little to become a pork escalope, pan fried. Now, hating to waste flavour (and getting colour into the bargain) I chose to deglaze the sauté pan with 2.5fl oz of vinegar and 2.5fl oz wine then reduce down to a tablespoonful, toss in the butter 12oz or 340g in chunks whisking as it melts. Result Beurre Brun, totally amazing sauce, and my wife cleared her plate, which is rare!

There's about 6oz of butter there, and it was boiling in the pan just prior to this, without seperating, it tastes so light and tangy, not oily, someone who didn't know would never guess it was wholly butter.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Beurre Blanc

Beurre Blanc, white butter, is a hot butter sauce that is truly amazing sauce, it is light tangy and will amaze anyone who tastes it, but what is it? It's butter. Designed for fish, but I think I'd take it on practically anything.

For four portions

Having fried your piece of fish in a good saute pan and keeping the fish warm, throw into the pan 2.5 fl oz of white wine vinegar and the same of white wine and half a shallot finely diced. Using the liquid to deglaze the pan, boil until reduced to about half. Using about 350g of chilled butter cut into small chunks, start throwing chunks of butter in the pan whisking as it melts, lower the heat and keep adding the butter until it has all creamed in. This is the magic, the acid keeps the butter in emulsion, so as it melts it doesn't separate, but turns into this light ivory coloured, wonderful, warm tangy, light, Hollandaise style sauce.

For other good reasons to use butter follow this link:

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Burgers!! Junk Food??

As a fan of Low Carb High Fat diet I believe the French Cuisine deserves closer inspection. Firstly we must be aware of the Gascon Paradox, whereby the people of SW France consume more saturated fat than anyone in Europe, yet have the lowest rate of coronary heart disease and live to a ripe old age, thus confounding the poor medical scientists. Savoury French cuisine in general is low in carb and high in fat, they have many devious ways of enriching food with fat.  Savoury French cuisine is divine!
This is a 12oz burger (2 Costco 6oz Aberdeen Angus burger knocked together) cos I’m a big lad, my wife has a 6oz burger. The burger is pan fried in butter in a sauté pan that isn’t non-stick very important. When done the burgers rest in a warm place, the fat is thrown from the pan and the pan then deglazed with 250ml of red or white wine. Here’s the crunch for some, since the wine is then reduced it will become very acid, it does require balancing with sweetness, I use a redcurrant jelly (Fruit preserve) I only use a teaspoonful between two people! Also I ensure this contains sugar not fructose/glucose syrup. The wine and browned meat juices scraped up are now a deglassage, this has to be reduced over a high heat to half its volume, then add 250ml of full fat(40%) crème fraiche continue to reduce the sauce till it’s reached a creamy consistency, pour over the meat and serve.
Crème fraiche is used because it is tart and divine, if you can’t get full fat, then you can ferment your own. Take a big pot of double cream and a small pot of sour cream, allow to come to room temperature, then mix, it should stiffen immediately, allow to stand at room temperature for at least 8 hours, then refrigerate, it should last ages in the fridge, except it won’t cos it’s too delicious, specially on strawbs.

Potatoes, how dare we, well , we’re in weight maintenance, if we don’t eat some carbs we’d waste away, there’s 100g here, the broccoli and potatoes are not only optional, they are also brushed with melted butter.

Friday, 15 February 2013

The Gospel

The good news that everyone should have an opportunity to hear, this is the best and most thorough piece of dietry comment that I have encountered. Eating is so important, we live by it, therefore it is important to get it right, or you pay the price. This website holds all the truths you need to make the best of your short life on this little planet. Read and apply or ignore, it's your choice.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Omelette Arnold Bennet

Omelette Arnold Bennet

Journalist, novelist and playwright Arnold Bennet was born in the potteries and became famous for his writing “Anna of five towns” the only book I’ve heard of, but not read. He died of typhoid in 1931 a sprightly young man of my age (64)

A man can come and go and leave no stone disturbed, not a footprint to note his passing. That’ll be me. Arnie however made his mark upon the world, a profuse writer, so many volumes, wot I never read and perhaps never will. He left something far more precious, FOOD! To be fair, it wasn’t his omelette at all, the Savoy served it and he liked it so much he ordered it everywhere he went and thus made it famous. To this day this omelette is served in the Savoy, their's is a little more complicated. They poach the fish in milk then use the milk to make a béchamel sauce to use where I use crème fraiche doble. I use water to poach the fish to allow the chemical cure and dye to at least be moderated in the fish, and the water discarded. The Savoy I'm sure will have traditionally cold smoked haddock from Scotland.

It Goes Thus;

Poach a piece of smoked haddock, let it cool and flake it.

Grate some parmesan cheese, the real stuff, not the dried vomit in a tub!

3 whisked eggs in the omelette pan and cook till almost set

Throw in haddock flakes, pour in a generous swirl of crème fraiche doble, then chuck in the cheese, bang the lot under a grill, till it looks and smells good, then slide onto a plate and wallop.

                                     Omelette Arnold Bennet oozing cream and served with salad.
Double menu for two people, hungry ones. My nutrition tracker CHRON-O-Meter gives the following for half the panful and a serving of green salad with a vinaigrette dressing.
Based on a Low Carb/Ketogenic Diet Balance for 5' 7" woman:
Total   1182 Kcal
Protein    89.9g        125% of daily allowance
Carbs       11.9g         12%           "
Fat           85.4g         62%           "
73% of Nutritional Targets achieved.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Are we Bugs?

Are we Bugs?

We’re told that prior to life on the planet, conditions were such that amino acids formed in the primordial soup, and this has been demonstrated in the lab, OK. We’re also told that life in the form of a single cell organism formed spontaneously, this has not been demonstrated in the lab, maybe not OK. In fact, someone who unfortunately hasn’t got a life as such, has calculated the odds of amino acids forming a single strand of DNA that would create a single cell self-replicating organism, the odds are so immense, the number is apparently more than all the electrons in all the mass of the universe, previously calculated by some other unfortunate soulless person.

The point being, unless we were particularly blessed by lady luck, the emergence of life would never have happened, with odds like that, were it a DNA match test, you definitely wouldn’t be the father. So, this is a mystery; the hand of god, seeded by aliens, dust containing bacteria from a comets tail. Those are all I can think up; maybe you can improve on it.

So, these single cell organisms divided happily ever after? No, we're told that, some stayed where they were and are bacteria, some invented photosynthesis and became plants, some ate each other and the plants too and became animals. The notion is that these cells, all with the same DNA started to clump together to gang up on other ones as a survival tactic, they formed into a doughnut which elongated into a tube, forming an alimentary canal. Then, cells adapted to become specialised allowing these bugs to have a structure. In this ordered form of creature, individual bugs could still self-replicate,  but, some clever bug-gers invented sex, whereby two bugs could exchange gametes, a gamete is a cell containing one half of a strand of DNA, a sex cell. When gametes get it together they make a zygote, a single cell self-replicating organism, that in one lifetime divides until it forms a doughnut then a tube, then cells specialise to form different tissues until it is a similar creature to its parents, the individual cells continue to divide and self-replicate.

That sounds repetitive, it was meant to, the first clumps of bacteria ended up reproducing exactly how we do today.

So where do colonies of bacteria end and where do individual creatures or us begin. We consider ourselves to be a single entity with one body, one mind, one personality and for some people, one soul, is this a creation of a clever autonomous brain, a figment of the imagination of a whole bunch of neurons (really clever bug-gers)

We are not even one creature, we are legion, our skin is covered in bacteria, our innards are full of bacteria, actually more bacteria than the number of our own cells, and our solitary existence without these bacteria would not be possible, we would die. Our tissues can be harvested and cultivated in the laboratory, growing and thriving as living tissue, it’s not much of a life though, they don’t get out much.

I put the theory that all living creatures are not individuals, all living creatures are in fact very well organised colonies of bacteria, we are all bugs.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Eating to Avoid Heart Disease

    Heart Disease and Diet
Douglas M Beard FTC






I liken myself to a pearl fisherman, I open and discard many oysters, but rarely I find a pearl, when I do I hang on to it. Some pearls are unique in the own right, others begin to fit together  like a perfect pearl necklace the pearls, (of wisdom) are at times like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, as they fit together a picture emerges. Allow me to tell you about this picture I’ve discovered.

I was born in 1948, therefore my memories of childhood began in the fifties, and some things were still rationed! If cooking oil was even available, I don’t know, but my mum never used it. Olive oil, you could get from the chemist for earache! Everything was fried in lard. Chips were deep fried in beef dripping. Pork dripping was spread on bread for a snack. Margarine was a hard obnoxious creation, a grim reminder of the deprivation of wartime, though quite poor, we always had butter.

Meat was a very real commodity, bought from a butcher, who would saw, chop and slice pieces of meat from carcasses right in the shop, the sweet sickly smell of a butchers shop is something that this coming generation won’t experience. Meat was prized for having a good layer of fat, with fat marbled throughout, well; it wouldn’t roast properly without it! Everyday bacon had a thick layer of fat with the rind on, being properly cured it could be dropped into a frying pan and the only thing that came out of it was fat, no yellow watery muck! In my family (5 kids), that bacon fat was fought over as dip, mopped up by a thick slice of fresh delivered unsliced crusty bread, made without preservatives and the Chorleywood bread process, would by tomorrow be stale and make the perfect toast. Of course, just about everybody smoked, untipped fags too.

According to current fat phobic medical advice, there should have been an epidemic of heart disease, there wasn’t!  Yes, people died of heart attacks, but in general it was typically men in their seventies.

Why, now in the enlightened days of the 21st Century are we in the grip of an epidemic of heart disease, the foremost killer of our age.


Ischaemic Heart Disease Made Simple


By heart disease, I refer to atherosclerosis and the coronary thrombosis that may ensue and subsequent ischemia and myocardial infarction.

Ischemia simply means tissue starved of blood, so if the heart muscle or myocardium suffers a lack of blood flow, the muscle is starved of oxygen resulting in angina or if more severe, a heart attack where muscle tissue dies, this dead tissue is called an infarct, hence, heart attack = myocardial infarction.

The cause of this is atherosclerosis. This is where the coronary arteries are partially blocked by plaques of atheroma. Sclerosis, simply means tissue change, usually caused by inflammatory damage resulting in scarring, which in turn provides a keying surface on the normally smooth artery lining to which the atheroma can attach.


MI or Myocardial Infarction, commonly heart attack, occurs when exertion or emotional trauma results in strong and fast heart beats which rupture and tear atheroma plaque formations in the coronary arteries. A clot forms on the tear, the clot subsequently breaks free and travels into a smaller artery and blocks it, resulting in lack of blood flow to the section of heart muscle which that particular artery feeds. Those heart muscle cells then die.


A House Built on Sand – The False Premise


 In the fifties or sixties medical scientists examining atheroma, found that it was constructed from cholesterol, which over time became calcified. They concluded that a high level of cholesterol in the blood was the causation factor. a Since cholesterol is partly saturated fat, trials were conducted on low fat diets, particularly low in saturated fat and of course they found this lowered levels of serum cholesterol.


This became the foundation stone upon which was built the health advice of the last 50 odd years. I’m sorry to say but, this is far too simplistic and is a false premise.


They were wrong then, and are still wrong today!


The House Falls Down


For a long period of my life, I was very health aware, I followed the advice, I ate a low fat diet, and I had an active job but still went to the gym 2-3 times a week. Zoe came to live with me, and for 7 years or so did the same thing, she was young, slim and very fit.


Yet aged 43 she had 3 simultaneous heart attacks and was diagnosed as having two coronary arterial blockages one of 70% and one of 99%. She remained in Harefield Hospital for a double coronary artery bypass graft operation. Her serum cholesterol  was at the time considered normal at             5.2 mmol/ml


99%!!! That is 1% away from certain death! How could this have happened to a young slim very fit woman who had followed Government Health and lifestyle advice?


Get this, over 50% of people who presented with heart disease were considered to have normal cholesterol. If high cholesterol was the cause, even 1% presenting with normal cholesterol would challenge the argument, over 50% makes the argument utter rubbish!



Quite clearly, this means anyone can suffer heart disease irrespective of their cholesterol levels. The knee jerk reaction from Gov. Health Advisors was, without the benefit of science, to state that total cholesterol should be no higher than 4mmols/ml, barely attainable. Meaning  everyone who suffers heart disease now has raised cholesterol! I believe this is called SPIN!


Furthermore, as doctors prescribe more and higher strength stains to attempt to meet this target and hence improve their budget, people who get to 4 or below are unable to function properly, they suffer dementia. Bear in mind the brain consists of 70% saturated fat. The body needs cholesterol!


Cholesterol – The Facts


Just exactly what is cholesterol and why do we have it? There are two types of cholesterol;

High Density Lipoprotein (HDL)

Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL)

Medical opinion now says HDL is good and ALL LDL is bad. Let me tell you, if you had no LDL, you would die! So, it can’t all be bad, what rubbish!


LDL cholesterol is a tiny droplet of a compound of Lipids (FATS) and Protein and is encased in a protein coat. LDL is the basic building block for cellular reconstruction, sounds rather necessary to me!

HDL is similar, however its sole purpose is attach itself to excess LDL and return it to the liver for reprocessing.


Drugs companies, Doctors and governments are making megabucks from cholesterol lowering drugs – Statins, which can now be bought over the counter. The govt want millions put on statins for the rest of their lives, irrespective of the side effects, long term risk of liver failure, muscle weakness and the risk of fatal muscle wasting disease. Cholesterol lowering spreads, drinks and god knows what else proliferate, this is BIG business.


It doesn’t end there, almost every aspect of our lives are being manipulated by our supposed risk of getting heart disease. This is scare mongering tactics, but then I suppose scared people are easy to manipulate. Take smoking, we’re led to believe that if you breathe a whiff of someone else’s fag then your risk of heart disease is increased by 25%, RUBBISH

Does smoking cause heart disease?  NO.  Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, carbon monoxide is absorbed preferentially by  the haemoglobin, thus, when you smoke your cardio-vascular system is put under stress. If you have heart disease, it will show earlier. Don’t forget extreme exercise does the same, people, young people,die playing games of sport, running and so on. NO-ONE turns around and says, “Exercise causes heart disease!”  Even though people die of it, taking exercise.


Is Heart Disease Contagious


Of course not, though it may be genetically inherited. Can you “Catch” heart disease if you don’t live your life right? Is this a self- inflicted illness? I don’t think so.


Professor Fredrick Piehl of the Kardinska Institute in Stockholm, a leading geneticist, has recently identified a mutant gene that 1 in 4 of us have. This gene may not be switched on, but if it is, then, dependent upon how it is switched on it may cause any of the known autoimmune diseases. These are the diseases where the immune system attacks host cells as if they are invaders, some examples are; Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Type 1 Diabetes, Asthma and guess what? Atherosclerosis.


In atherosclerosis the autoimmune response attacks artery lining causing inflammation. When the inflammation subsides it leaves sclerotic tissue (scars) to which cholesterol plaques can attach forming atheroma. Various research works is being done on this autoimmune attack. Professor Francois Mach at the Geneva University Hospital is researching anti-inflammatory drugs to combat atherosclerosis. So far it has been found that T.H.C., the active ingredient of cannabis, stops the disease in its tracks. T.H.C. works by occupying sites on the artery lining that leucocytes would otherwise attack. T.H.C. or cannabis will prevent all damage from all autoimmune diseases, but will probably never be licenced in this country as a medicinal drug. Drugs companies are in a race to synthesise T.H.C. free of the psychotropic effects of cannabis. The first to get a patent will rule the world (joke).


There is a messenger hormone that triggers an autoimmune attack that has been isolated and named “Interleukin 6”. A trial is currently being done to follow a tranche of middle aged men testing them for interleukin 6 as a predictor for heart disease this trial will follow them to their death.


So, can we catch heart disease? It seems unlikely if it is wholly genetic, unless it  can be triggered  by other factors, but that is conjecture. Meanwhile, we get bashed about our lifestyle,  like it’s our fault! Maybe lifestyle does make a difference, but maybe not in the way you may think, please bear with me, it’s not a short story.

Cholesterol – The Forgotten (or forbidden) Science


LDL cholesterol is comprised of subclass particles, this isn’t new information. I don’t know when this was discovered, but the earliest reference I can find is “Low Density Lipoprotein Subclass patterns and Risk of Myocardial Infarction” By M.A. Austin, J.L. Brescow and C.H. Hennekens, Journal of The American Medical Association 1988!


Subclass particle A is a small dense particle that is known to form plaques and is therefore a cardiovascular high risk.

Subclass particle B is a large fluffy particle that does not form plaques and is therefore a cardiovascular low risk.


Trials were conducted by D.M. Dreon and associates between 1994 and 1999, the resulting papers were published in “ The F.S.A.E.B. Journal” in 1994 and the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” in 1995 and 1999. These trials were conducted on groups of healthy young men who were monitored whilst being fed various diets. The results demonstrated that a low fat diet reduced total cholesterol, HDL was lowered, along with LDL, however, the particle distribution of LDL was altered and high levels of particle A were produced, increasing the cardiovascular risk.


A fat rich diet including saturated fat increased total cholesterol, but, HDL cholesterol was raised and the particle distribution in LDL showed to be high in particle B, lowering cardiovascular risk.


In a nutshell:

                          Low Fat Diet = High Risk of Heart Disease

                          Fat Rich Diet = Low Risk of Heart Disease


Why has this been swept under the carpet? Why is it not in the public domain? Clearly this is not what interested parties! want to hear. There’s not much profit in lard lad.


This flies in the face of Govt health advice over donkey’s years. It also means that for people with a genetic predisposition to heart disease, their advice is not only blatantly wrong but fatally wrong. Their dangerous health advice has caused early death for thousands of people. Just imagine the number of law suits in America if the FDA had to admit they made a mistake


 Conspiracy?......... Or not



 It’s hard to believe this is a knowing conspiracy, even though getting rid of people before retirement age must have its attraction in light of the impending pension crisis. Not all, by any means, but a lot of the foregoing is referenced in all of Dr Robert Atkins books. Dr Atkins was a Cardiologist and a lifelong clinician, he did not hide behind conventions, he was insightful and daring and not afraid to practise his beliefs. Millions of books out there and where is he?  Dead and buried and his lifetime’s work buried alongside him.


He was supposed to have slipped on ice and suffered fatal brain injury. When people fall they instinctively protect their heads, unless they are unconscious before they hit the ground. Did the CIA bump him off, sneak up behind him and deliver a fatal blunt trauma head injury?


              His medical records were unfortunately, accidently passed to an anti- Atkins organisation who let slip that his weight on death was about 18st, pouring scorn on his own ability to control his weight. Now he was a tall man, the Daily Telegraph sought the opinion of a head trauma specialist who said, “Patients in a coma with head trauma have low blood pressure, we seek to maintain blood pressure by pushing intravenous fluids, this can result in a considerable weight gain.” Even so many “Experts” queued up to give him a kicking, without any apparent evidence, only ifs and mights. The most corrupt statement some said was, “Atkins may cause diabetes” What Bollocks. He was the only clinician I’m aware of who could effectively “cure” type 2 diabetes and did so for thousands of people. This should not have been a surprise to the medical profession since prior to insulin producing drugs and synthetic insulin, the only treatment available to treat type2 diabetes was a high fat low carb diet, and it worked. With the advent of drugs and insulin, this treatment was abandoned due to fat phobia, so diabetes is now treated arse backwards, treating the effects not the cause. The cause being not insufficient insulin, but rather insulin resistance, the approach to treatment being control of blood sugar through diet, yet they are advised  to eat carbs. Consequently, sufferers are in a downward spiral of increasing insulin and all manner of associated problems until death.


              Why was it necessary to discredit him and his work? Certainly at the height of his diets popularity American and British Economies were suffering the Atkins effect. Potato growers, wheat producers, bakers and the food companies involved in pushing sugar and carbs, were all hurt. His work was capable of hurting drugs companies, some of the most powerful companies in the world. In totally discrediting Atkins and his work, anything in his books would have no credit. They needn’t have worried, millions of copies were sold, but there was only me boring enough to actually read them!


Don’t Eat That! – Eat This!


 An almost constant manipulation of diet, what was good for you yesterday, will kill you today. What was killing you yesterday will make you live forever today. How can anyone make any sense of this?


This current dietary and lifestyle advice is probably the largest social experiment ever conducted in the world. Meanwhile, heart disease is on the increase and occurring at an earlier age and affecting more women, it should be apparent that something is wrong. It ain’t working.

It should be clear from the previous argument that genetic predisposition should determine that a fixed proportion of the population will be prone to heart disease. Up to the late fifties and early sixties, when people ate sensibly, they were protected to some extent by the consumption of saturated fat. This didn’t mean they wouldn’t get it, but rather it occurred mainly to men, late in life, indeed many would die from other causes first.


Since then diet has changed, society has changed completely. Most women now work full time, so when it comes to food they seek an easy option. The consumption of ready prepared and convenience food has increased enormously. Food Producers under pressure from Governments and consumers have reduced saturated fats mostly, but also total fat in their products. People think fat is a swear word, it’s a sin to use fat, people want to buy and eat low fat products. These products would be bland without “fillers” industry speak for added carbohydrate, salt, sugar, gums, monosodium glutamate and any other old crap that comes to mind.


Common sense should prevail, we weren’t meant to eat like this. We are the same Homo-Sapiens as the hunter gatherers in the Stone Age. We have always eaten animal fat, our Stone Age bodies and brains are largely composed of it! In the Stone Age carbohydrates were hard won, nearly as much energy put in to attaining them as gained by eating them. Sugar was only available in tiny amounts in  berries, honey an occasional treat... Today we eat far too much carbs and sugar. We should in fact NEVER EVER eat refined sugar at all, it should be regarded as a TOXIN. No surprise then, we have increasing levels of obesity and diabetes! Who said fruit was good for us anyway, too much sugar. Look at the people who have unlimited access to tropical fruits, the south sea islanders all start looking good but end up massive. There’s an ingredient worse than sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, it’s cheaper than sugar and is in practically everything American. The problem is not fully understood, but it appears that every calorie of it consumed alters the body’s metabolism, causing the body to store 3 calories for each one eaten. Hence, the too fat to wipe or even get out of bed super fatties. They’re coming here, HFCS is being used here, but here simply called fructose, and it’s going into everything. If people read the contents and see fructose, they think Oh that’s fruit sugar, that’s natural, and fruits are healthy. When we eat carbs, they should be complex carbs which have a slow release of energy. Simple carbs can be eaten but they should be liberally combined with fat which slows the absorption rate. If you eat say, French Bread which has the highest Glycaemic Index after sugar itself, then there will be a rush of glucose into the bloodstream followed closely by a rush of Insulin. Insulin combines with glucose which then allows it to enter cells, it is then converted by the mitochondria into energy. If there is much more glucose than can be burned, it is then stored, if nothing more is being absorbed from the gut, blood sugar dips and hunger is back. Stuff, store, hunger, stuff, store, hunger, stuff, get fat, it can go on all day. If that same bread stick is liberally buttered (not imitation spread shit) then plastered like a bad brickie with paté or full fat cheese, then, full tum, satisfaction, slow release, keeps hunger at bay till supper. The market is flooded with virtually fat free nibbles and snacks for people to munch on, which are nothing more than flavoured refined carbohydrate.


What Do Other Folks Do?


Given the absence of Domino’s Pizza, the Inuit were traditionally out on the ice for 8 months living solely on seal meat and blubber. The remainder they spent on land eating mainly salmon and berries. A scientific study at the turn of the 20th Century found that diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer were unknown amongst the Inuit. Old age became an embarrassment, to the point where granny would be put in a kayak and pushed off to sea. Now a settled people, they have access to a modern diet. Now like us, they suffer all those ills.


The much hyped Mediterranean Diet is a myth, because certain aspects have been overlooked,  let’s take a look. The Greeks are renowned for their good health and longevity, their healthy diet contains about 30% fat. Quite a lot of it lamb fat, cheese and full fat yoghurt.


The Italians also share a reputation for good health and long life. The Italians consume large amounts of saturated fat, hard cheeses, salami, prosciutto, pancetta, speck etc.


The Spanish, whilst doing all the above, plus an ocean load of fish, unfortunately for them have a sweet tooth, they eat sugared bread for breakfast “Churros” They’ve also embraced the potato, and it reflects in their poorer health.


The Gascon Paradox is well known. The people of Gascony, where is that? Is that Normandy? These people defy current logic. They consume more saturated fat than any other group in Europe. They have great longevity and a very low incidence of heart disease. Their diet is rich in saturated fat. They particularly prize goose fat, in their folklore they say, “It is good for the heart”


 They not only eat goose, but they cook with goose fat, deep fry stuff in it. They eat a fair bit of duck, they preserve it in duck fat “Confit de Canard”. They eat Pâté de Fois Gras and many full fat cheeses. What isn’t deep fried is served al la crème. They don’t overdo the carbs, they do eat them, I like pomme dauphinoise,  garlicky, creamy wonderful.


The Gascon Paradox is not a paradox to me, it’s how Zoe and I eat.


The Living Proof


Given Zoe’s previous medical history, it must appear irresponsible to hold and live by, such a controversial argument.  But you have to bear in mind that healthy eating is only theoretical until the shit hits the fan, and boy it did. We both believed we were eating healthy, after her surgery, cardiac rehab could only advise continuing with how we had been eating, that seemed wrong. I bought and read an Atkins book and we decided to try it about 10 years ago, since then I’ve picked up a few things along the way.


Zoe was experiencing some difficulties, which turned out to be “Small vessel disease” A silly name for something quite rare that they don’t truly understand. Small arteries go into a spasm and restrict blood flow, in some case causing Ischemia, this can occur anywhere in the body. In Zoe’s case this was causing brain cellular damage, the attacks were stroke like, even though never at any time did a doctor believe that she’d suffered a stroke despite the “F.A.C.E.” symptoms being apparent.


Only one short paragraph. But it took about 2 years to get to that point. During which time, Zoe saw many specialists and underwent many investigations. This Included seeing a Cardiologist who wanted another angiogram, I thought, bugger, the truth will out now.


The angiogram showed that both blockages had disappeared and that her native arteries were taking full blood flow, the bypass grafts were now redundant. He was completely at a loss to explain this, he gave a Gallic shrug and muttered, “Maybe they weren’t there in the first place” A most stupid remark, which is akin to saying she didn’t have a myocardial infarction, her ECG shows an inverted T wave, whatever that is, which is due to a previous MI. That’s akin to saying there was a gross misdiagnosis and unnecessary surgery. When this surgery is carried out the surgeon feels along the artery to locate physically the blockage so as to ensure the graft is placed correctly. So he couldn’t find blockages, so he grafted anyway, what rot. No the man was merely demonstrating his human failing, blockages NEVER disappear, he was gobsmacked.


But this was wonderful news for us, a complete and total vindication for our continued belief that we are using the RIGHT approach to nutrition. What the cardiologist did find however was an artery that went into a stenosis or spasm, causing Zoe to have one of her usual attacks, for this he prescribed a slow release mononitrate, which keeps the vessels dilated. Since that prescription which, she takes daily, she has not had another attack. This doesn’t mean however that anyone actually arrived at a diagnosis, this is what they’re like, they were just happy she stopped turning up.


I believe I can explain the reason for the disappearance of her atheromas, even when the Cardiologist can’t, god that sounds arrogant. I believe that the few years we followed a very low fat diet, meant her blockages developed over a relatively short  period, not having time to calcify. Meaning that, when her lipid profile improved, the HDL cholesterol was able to dismantle them molecule by molecule. The key fact is her lipid profile, a recent blood test showed:

HDL = 3.13 mmol/ml

LDL = 2.83 mmol/ml

Triglycerides = 0.54

Total = 6.5

They nag her that 6.5 is too high and tell her to take statins. Their criteria is HDL above 0.9 and LDL below 3, triglycerides below 1 and the total below 5, she beats this on all counts bar one, with a bloody brilliant count for HDL, the good one. They want her to take statins to reduce the total, but they are quite prepared for the HDL, the good one, the mop up one, to be reduced! They seem to be totally unable to see how ridiculous that is, I think they are brain washed, and cannot listen to logic.  More likely, if her total is above 5 they don’t meet their budget, plus they get kick back on the drugs.




I am completely unapologetic for the length of this diatribe! There was just simply a lot to say on this topic, also because of our personal involvement, I am passionate about it! The constant stream of Govt Ill Health Advice, the never ending stream of misinformation on food and obesity and the endless adverts for cholesterol lowering crap, low fat junk shit, guilt free glutton muck, pretend butter and rubbish and nonsense, it makes my blood boil. The pit has been dug, and gets deeper with no sign of common sense, meanwhile the Three Ugly Sisters (obesity, heart disease and diabetes) grow in power.