Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Smokin' Gun

The smoking gun of evidence proving  beyond doubt that ALL British health authorities from the Gov’t down our prescribing GP’s are either completely ignorant of the damage they are prepared to carry out on patients, or they are doing it regardless, which is worse?

The smoking gun is CoQ10, this is a co-enzyme vital to the metabolism of blood glucose into ATP which commonly known as the cellular energy currency. Mitochondria within cells admit glucose bound with insulin into the cell and biochemically convert the glucose into heat energy or cellular food, the enzymes that do this require CoQ10 as a trigger. CoQ10 is to the cellular engine as the spark plug is to the internal combustion engine.

CoQ10 is generated in the liver, and is delivered into cells in combination with LDL Cholesterol, in the bloodstream CoQ10 acts as an antioxidant protecting the LDL-C. The LDL-C is also carrying lipids (fats) that carry all the fat soluble vitamins, vital for cellular life.

The biochemical process by which LDL-C and CoQ10 are made begins with a substance called movilane. Statin drugs inhibit the production of movilane by up to 40%

The problems with muscles that many many people experience on statins, are myalgia (pain) weakness (can’t even walk proper) and some experience myopathy (muscle death) and proper death! This is attributed to a deficiency of CoQ10; the heart has the greatest requirement for CoQ10.

Anyone foolish enough to take statins should be prescribed a CoQ10 supplement, but they aren’t. However this known science, so why isn’t CoQ10 prescribed?

The problem with muscle is it doesn’t regenerate; muscle damage will persist even if statins are stopped, and people’s lives are ruined!

CoQ10 production diminishes with age; most people on statins are getting on a bit and are already compromised for CoQ10 levels. We can utilise dietary CoQ10, but there isn’t much around, there are small amounts in meat, the highest amounts are found in beef hearts, however to get your daily dose would require the consumption of 3kg of beef heart, good luck with that.

My wife and I, are both ex statins users, neither of us have much pedal power? We take 200mg daily, it doesn’t noticeably do any good, but armed with knowledge we feel it is better to be safe than sorry.

So, what sort of game are these total knobheads playing, LDL-C and the things it delivers are vital to life, yet the lower it is the happier they are. They must be aware of the vital importance of CoQ10 and yet they do nothing to prevent a deficiency whilst prescribing statins. People who complain to their GPs when on statins are told it has nothing to do with their medication! I can no longer trust these dickheads even with a wart, all trust has been lost.

The desire to reduce LDL-C to prevent heart disease is not backed by evidence, Coronary Heart Disease is not caused by LDL-C, but maybe that is a subject for another blog post.

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