Friday, 20 September 2013

Out with the New - In with the Old

Out with the New – In with the Old

Many people in the food growing and processing industry, pharmaceutical companies and the medics and all the people including politicians, all people who profit from people eating sugar and carbs and getting ill, all of them must have heaved a sigh of relief when Dr Atkins died and subsequently had his reputation destroyed.

His message actually wasn’t new or revolutionary, it was old, very old, in fact it was pre-agricultural, and it was written up well before he wrote his book. Check out “Eat Fat – Grow Slim” 1953.

Now called; Low Carb High Fat (LCHF), Paleo, Primal or Warrior, the message is still alive and is growing, only this time there isn’t just one man to discredit, we are an Army and we are legion.

There are Generals, professors and practising doctors in many fields i.e. Cardiology, Neurology, Endocrinology and Oncology to name a few and many GP’s

There are serving Officers including; professors in the fields of biochemistry, research biochemists, nutritional scientists, nutritionists, physical trainers in various sports, to name a few.

The foot soldiers, all ardent believers, as are the above, because we live the lifestyle and we know it works. We number millions, 25% of Sweden is LCHF and many Nordic countries are catching on, Paleo has a large following in the US, in Australia and NZ LCHF and Paleo is rising in popularity.

We aren’t going away, this is not a fad, this is a lifetime, lifestyle choice.

The medics and health police, who have opinions that are tits up, are the new kids on the block. Their fat phobic, must eat carbs, approach is dying on its feet, or at least the people who follow it are! We have science on our side, they have bad science, lame notions and rhetoric and no solid arguments, but they hold sway and they do have inertia. It is well known that in the medical profession there is always resistance to change and this inertia is said to be 20 years, this is how long it takes for opposition to die out. Old dogs won’t learn new tricks.

Change will come as more professors teach the right stuff, and more doctors qualify who know the right stuff, and prove to the old duffers that this common sense, soundly backed by science, simple holistic approach actually works. When more people actually try this lifestyle for themselves and find it works, the message will get out.

Food growers will adapt, food processors will hopeful go bust, as they deserve to for peddling rubbish. However, we aren’t going anywhere; we will only eat real human food, low in carbs and high in fat, preferably animal fats



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  2. I believe that the low-fat/ high carb diet is a politically-correct,save-the-planet-nonsense, "cruelty-free" load of rubbish! I am so glad that some of us are seeing through it and embracing "insulin correctness"!!