Monday, 2 September 2013

So...What's wrong with Fructose it's 'Elfy innit?

Firstly common table sugar is a compound of fructose and glucose, we need to eat neither, our liver can manufacture glucose by glucogenisis from fat or protein, discovered by Louis Pasteur, and ignored by almost everyone today.

Secondly we require fructose for absolutely nothing at all! If we eat sucrose the compound is 1 molecule of glucose bonded to 1 molecule of fructose, digestion in the small intestine separates the molecules, glucose is absorbed into the bloodstream along with fructose. Fructose can only be dealt with by the liver, which can convert it to glycogen, which is a compact form of glucose, but only if there is room in the glycogen storage, most people on a modern diet are sugared up to the hilt. So the liver will normally turn the fructose into fats, triglycerides ie., oleic(saturated and monounsaturated) and the polyunsaturates, linoleic(omega 6) and linolenic(omega 3) and cholesterol. It parcels these up into VLDL(very low density lipids) which are tiny particles to encapsulate the oils so they can swim in the water based bloodstream.

This is the mechanism of transport for endogenous(liver produced) fats in the body. Exonogous(dietary) fats are transported in tiny packages called chylomicrons.

VLDL particles travel the bloodstream and encounter fat cells where they give up their triglycerides, further changes occur to the particles in the bloodstream until the VLDL changes into LDL cholesterol.

NO ADDED SUGAR - should be the mantra for human beings, but this is now appearing on certain packaging, in reality sugar is being replaced with dried fruit or concentrated fruit juice, this is worse than merely sugar.

No added High Fructose Corn Syrup, sugars, fruit juice or honey, please, not in my diet.

Fruit I will eat, but only a handful, 50grams of berries.

The bottom line is fructose Will add Fat to your waist, Fructose will increase LDL Cholesterol.

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