Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Don't Be Used as a Mug

Firstly, there is no correlation between cholesterol and heart disease, except a higher incidence of deaths among people with very low cholesterol. So why would anyone want you to take statins, purely to make money, that's all.

Through a complicated biochemical process, the liver produces cholesterol, but statins impede that process reducing total cholesterol, but many other compounds are also reduced, the most important being CoQ10. This a vitamin like substance that is present in the mitochondria in cells and directly affects the mitochondria's ability to metabolise glucose into fuel for the cell.

It gets worse because cholesterol is the transport system for all fat soluble vitamins and CoQ10. Not surprising that people on statins experience muscle aches and weakness, the heart is muscle and has a large demand for CoQ10.

Cholesterol isn't the bad guy, Drugs Companies and the corrupt scientists in their employ and doctors who prescribe statins, these are the bad guys. If I can find this out about CoQ10 by googling, doctors must know this all along!

Your cholesterol level is what the liver needs it to be at that time, your liver knows best, don't meddle with your cholesterol, it's what you are made of!

Best advice is refuse cholesterol testing, refuse statins, I do.

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