Thursday, 18 April 2013

Going for the Burn

Going to the gym for fat burning, not been said by me in a long time LOL It's a nonsense, it just burns calories and encourages appetite to put 'em all back.

Having recently picked up on what the rest of the world is up to regarding strategic nutrition to avoid the obesity pandemic, I see pretty much the same thing going on, Atkins type eating atypical. Nobody these days seems to call it Atkins, it's now Low Carb High Fat, Low Carb Ketogenic, Paleo encountered so far. All share the same philosophy, in that low amounts of carb will result in weight loss, since fat will be metabolised to provide energy.

I'm only writing this post since I've not yet heard anyone mention Ketostix, have they been forgotten? If you cut out carbs, as the liver metabolises fat it produces ketones, these appear after the two to three weeks it takes to burn all the stored glycogen. If you pee on a Ketostix it changes colour to indicate ketones. These are for diabetics since for them, this is a sign of ketoacidosis, a fatal condition. However, for people who wish to lose weight on a low carb diet this means, YEAH, I'm doing a fat burn, maybe even while sat on the sofa watching TV. LOL
No other diet can give someone such positive feedback, the scales show the work in progress during any weight loss, but cheating is easy and human, but if you use ketostix and cheat, you will know immediately, also you know you won't lose anymore weight until you get the brown colour back on that stick.

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