Sunday, 20 January 2013

Omelette Arnold Bennet

Omelette Arnold Bennet

Journalist, novelist and playwright Arnold Bennet was born in the potteries and became famous for his writing “Anna of five towns” the only book I’ve heard of, but not read. He died of typhoid in 1931 a sprightly young man of my age (64)

A man can come and go and leave no stone disturbed, not a footprint to note his passing. That’ll be me. Arnie however made his mark upon the world, a profuse writer, so many volumes, wot I never read and perhaps never will. He left something far more precious, FOOD! To be fair, it wasn’t his omelette at all, the Savoy served it and he liked it so much he ordered it everywhere he went and thus made it famous. To this day this omelette is served in the Savoy, their's is a little more complicated. They poach the fish in milk then use the milk to make a béchamel sauce to use where I use crème fraiche doble. I use water to poach the fish to allow the chemical cure and dye to at least be moderated in the fish, and the water discarded. The Savoy I'm sure will have traditionally cold smoked haddock from Scotland.

It Goes Thus;

Poach a piece of smoked haddock, let it cool and flake it.

Grate some parmesan cheese, the real stuff, not the dried vomit in a tub!

3 whisked eggs in the omelette pan and cook till almost set

Throw in haddock flakes, pour in a generous swirl of crème fraiche doble, then chuck in the cheese, bang the lot under a grill, till it looks and smells good, then slide onto a plate and wallop.

                                     Omelette Arnold Bennet oozing cream and served with salad.
Double menu for two people, hungry ones. My nutrition tracker CHRON-O-Meter gives the following for half the panful and a serving of green salad with a vinaigrette dressing.
Based on a Low Carb/Ketogenic Diet Balance for 5' 7" woman:
Total   1182 Kcal
Protein    89.9g        125% of daily allowance
Carbs       11.9g         12%           "
Fat           85.4g         62%           "
73% of Nutritional Targets achieved.


  1. Eating this now, it' luscious, Also added a side of cream cheese,
    great food

    1. Glad you're enjoying it, like really good food usually is it's simple, easy to cook and nice to eat and very nutritious.