Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Is it Organic Mister?

Marketing expressions are these tags that are completely meaningless and can’t really be challenged, but they sell, words like, Healthy Choice, Sport, Low Fat, Guilt Free, Go on eat as much as you like you won’t regret it honest.

The one that’s been around a long time that irks me the most is “Organic” does anyone know what this actually means? If so, can they explain it to me? It implies so much that is representative of; being healthy, a green option, saving the planet, toxin free. If you wanted live dangerously where is the inorganic food?

Two main branches of chemistry are; inorganic, organic. Organic deals with compounds that contain carbon atoms, inorganic deals with compounds that don’t contain carbon atoms, as simple as. The carbon cycle is our planets life cycle; all living things contain compounds of carbon. Not all organic compounds are good though and you wouldn’t want eat them; even if they are organic, e.g. organomercury compounds are highly toxic.

In the supermarket, the organic food is simply everything that’s in there, with the only exceptions being salt (sodium chloride) and water (H2O), see, no carbon.  You‘ll not get fat if you stick to brine.

Even tobacco is organic, so that must be really good for you.

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