Thursday, 22 November 2012

Gone Phishing

Cold calling used to be from real companies, many often from local firms. Things grew and call centres were built. Where is the proof that this marketing actually makes money? Is it, well, they’re doing, so we have to. Who in their right mind has ever bought from a cold call, they always get told to bugger off from me, I know that’s rude, but they started it! They called in the middle of dinner!  Now, however we’re into another phase, any odd bod with the right bit of kit can do it, but how is the money made?

Someone goes phishing, using spam emails, round robins (robbings) using jokes, smut or whatever, number crunching programs, run all these emails for profile details and extract phone numbers, the same thing is done with facebook with emo posts that make people react by clicking “like” They produce a list that can be sold to the next idiot, or the run all the numbers through an automated dialler, if you answer, the number is marked active, a list of active numbers has more value.

This sort of enterprise is a bubble, because there is no end product and no final profit. The Govt. will be unable to prevent it; most of this is done from abroad, but will ultimately implode.

We can help, get a landline call blocker, install a cell phone call blocker, don’t forward round robin emails,  however funny or whatever, don’t click like on Facebook crap posts that use; kittens, babies, cancer, injured soldiers, jokes and you name it crap, think, who posted this and why? Then spam it.

When spam calls start returning too many nulls, lists will diminish, when no-one can earn from it, the bubble will burst and we will breathe a sigh of relief, till the next scam!!!

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