Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Get A Grip Lad


This is the grip that along with superior intelligence, separated us from our less able though bigger and stronger earlier cousins. This grip enabled us through fine dexterity to make superior tools and weapons and get ahead. Through our history this grip could hold a pen, a paint brush, write Shakespeare paint the Mona Lisa and now twiddles the knobs that make the world run, this grip took us to the moon.
Every sport has it's particular grip for it's particular bit of apparatus, golf club, fly rod and so on. What about a 23cm cooks knife?
Recognise the grip, it's not immediately obvious to a novice and has to be demonstrated by a professional, like a golf grip. But this grip gives immediate control and allows the knife to feel like an extension of your arm and hand. NOT for Chopping, use a cleaver, a knife slices.

This is the grip for the article to be cut, the knife works butted up to the knuckles, as the blade slices, the fingers "crawl" back along the food, perfect control with blade and never cutting toward your hand.

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