Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Go nuts why dontcha


Nuts, I love them, so should you, unless of course you go into anaphylactic shock and die? Nuts are regarded as a luxury and charged VAT, unless they are raw, I’m sensitive to this since I shop in Costco, which is nominally wholesale, prices are displayed ex VAT in big characters and VAT inc in small. So I buy raw nuts, but raw nuts are bland. I add butter to the wok, throw in my mixed raw nuts and a good grinding of sea salt, fry until they are smelling delicious and turning colour. These are an anytime snack, feeling peckish, grab a handful. Apparently they are good nutritionally because they contain trace elements like selenium ‘n stuff that’s hard to get elsewhere. I don’t give a shit about that I just like ‘em. People say “Oh, too many calories” “Too much fat” I’ve never heard of anybody getting too fat to wipe, on nuts, DONUTS! Yes. Nuts don’t make you fat. There will soon be a good selection of raw shelled nuts in the supermarket, let’s get Wokking.



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